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We build neural networks for distance trading

A neural network is a kind of artificial intelligence: today, neural networks make it possible to promote projects in any customisation category successfully. An important characteristic of neural networks for retail advertising on the distance model is their ability to search for queries on social media or in chat rooms and "recommend" the right content to people who are searching for something or asking about it.


We use predicative analytics for marketing purposes

Marketing experts try to show users the products they need at the right moment: when they are at their most ready to make a purchase. We simplify this task. Machine learning algorithms can process enormous and ever-changing sets of history data and forecast the products that the user will want to see next.


We specialize in building neural networks for trading companies that sell cosmetics, food additives and superfoods remotely.

To achieve the greatest possible effectiveness in internet marketing, you need to make the interaction process for potential customers as intuitive and logical as it can be, and then scale the points of intersection to another audience in an analogous context, or else to the same customers but with a different message or on a different platform. Having a unique combination of tools for this interaction (communication) is a key competitive advantage for an advertising agency.